We're thrilled to bring you something new

PowerED™ is launching 3 new micro-credentials that will provide you with job-ready skills to grow your career. Learn more below! 

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Coming fall 2021

So, your organization has decided to adopt some AI technology. That’s great! From analytics to productivity to simple in-browser chatbots, AI can provide powerful ways to pursue your organization’s interests and to create value for your clients and customers. PowerED™ is building on Alberta’s global position as a leader in AI, by creating an online, on-demand Artificial Intelligence and Ethics micro-credential. It is the first of its kind in Alberta and globally. This micro-credential equips workforces with the advanced competencies and essential knowledge that the market requires for the growing AI industry focused on ethical oversight and governance.

Energy Efficiency

Coming winter 2022
The construction and operation of buildings in Alberta accounts for almost a quarter of its greenhouse gas emissions. Creating energy-efficient buildings is the easiest, fastest, and least expensive means of reducing those emissions. To this end, PowerED™ and the Centre for Architecture in the Faculty of Science and Technology have created an innovative, online and on-demand micro-credential for Energy Efficiency in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry. Powered by artificial intelligence, learners will play the role of an architect, engineer, contractor and/or facilities manager as they navigate through the real-world problems of making a green building.

Innovative and Diversified Energy Resources

Coming winter 2022

The micro-credential on Innovative and Diversified Energy Resources familiarizes learners with a wide range of energy resources. It is based on the recognition that a prudent energy strategy for a modern and future economy is one that is both pragmatic and broad-based, tapping into a diverse range of resources and capitalizing on both their availability and technology. The program is available online and on-demand and includes 4 courses that are each 2 weeks in length.