Online and distance learning meets you where you are

24/7 online access. Monthly start dates. Adjustable course load.

Take one course at a time or a few! Our flexible delivery understands that work, family and education is a balancing act. We accommodate all life circumstances. 

  • Connect with Nukskahtowin, our online meeting and gathering place for Indigenous learners, academics and researchers.
  • Study at your own pace in one or as many courses as you like
  • Engage in your course materials at any time of day or night, whatever schedule works best for you
  • Take up to six months to complete a course. And if you need an extension, no problem!

“As a carrier of this dream, it was imperative that I attain the highest degrees possible to lift that voice higher and higher, louder, and louder.”

Laurie Thompson
Indigenous education leader, Doctorate of Education in Distance Education
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