Athabasca University (AU) is pleased to partner with the Trade Commissioner Service, the Canadian Foreign Service Institute, and Université TÉLUQ in delivering the University Credit Access Program (UCAP). On this page you can find a listing of UCAP approved courses and links to the AU certificates which include them.

Course Certificates


Advanced Accounting

Computers and Management Information Systems


Human Resources and Labour Relations

Management Applications

Management Foundations


ACCT: Accounting

ACCT 250         Accounting for Managers

ACCT 253         Introductory Financial Accounting

ACCT 351         Intermediate Financial Accounting I

ACCT 352         Intermediate Financial Accounting II

ACCT 355         Cost Analysis

ACCT 356         Strategic and Competitive Analysis

ACCT 451         Advanced Financial Accounting

ACCT 454        Decision Analysis

ACCT 460         Principles of Auditing


ADMN: Administration

ADMN 100      Introductory Quantitative Skills for Business

ADMN 201      Introduction to Business Studies

ADMN 232      Introduction to Management

ADMN 233      Writing in Organizations

ADMN 404      Capstone I: Strategic Management

ADMN 415      Strategy and Technology Innovation

ADMN 417      International Business Management

ADMN 499      Directed Study in Administrative Studies


CMIS: Computer & Management Information Systems

CMIS 214         Customer Application with C#

CMIS 245         Microcomputer Applications in Business (Windows)

CMIS 311         Supporting End-User Computing

CMIS 314         Web Application and VBNet

CMIS 351         Management Information Systems

CMIS 431         Information Technology Leadership

CMIS 455         Accounting Information Systems


CMNS: Communication Studies

CMNS 201       Introduction to Mass Media

CMNS 202       Media and Power in Canadian Society

CMNS 301       Communication Theory and Analysis

CMNS 380       Corporate Communication

CMNS 402       Global Communication

CMNS 455       Media Ethics


COMM: Communications

COMM 100     Introduction to Research and Study Skills

COMM 243     Interpersonal Communication

COMM 277     Group Communication

COMM 329     Mediated Interpersonal Communication


COMP: Computer Science

COMP 200       Introduction to Computing and Information Systems

COMP 210       Introduction to Information System and Computer Applications


ECOM: e-Commerce

ECOM 320       Overview of e-Commerce

ECOM 410       Mobile Computing and Commerce


ECON: Economics

ECON 247        Microeconomics

ECON 248         Macroeconomics

ECON 357         Intermediate Microeconomics I

ECON 358        Intermediate Macroeconomics I

ECON 366        Economic Development

ECON 367        Intermediate Microeconomics II

ECON 380        Public Finance/Expenditure

ECON 385        Money, Banking, and Canadian Financial Institutions

ECON 401        The Changing Global Economy

ECON 475         International Trade

ECON 476         International Finance


ENTP: Entrepreneurship

ENTP 212         Entrepreneurship


FNCE: Finance

FNCE 249               Personal Investing

FNCE 300               Financial Economics

FNCE 322               Personal Finance

FNCE 370               Overview of Corporate Finance

FNCE 371               Applications in Corporate Finance

FNCE 401               Investments

FNCE 403               Derivatives and Risk Management

FNCE 405               Empirical Finance

FNCE 470               Portfolio Management


GOVN: Governance

GOVN 301            Governance, the Public Sector and Corporate Power

GOVN 377            Issues in Access to Information and Privacy Protection

GOVN 390            Public Policy and Administrative Governance

GOVN 400            Governance and Leadership

GOVN 405            Innovative Public Management

GOVN 450            Public Budgeting and Financial Management in Globalized World


HRMT: Human Resources Management

HRMT 301          Recruitment and Selection

HRMT 322          Employment Law

HRMT 386          Introduction to Human Resource Management


IDRL: Industrial Relations

IDRL 215           Introduction to Labour Relations

IDRL 308           Occupational Health and Safety

IDRL 309           Human Rights, the Charter and Labour Relations

IDRL 316           The Practice of Labour Relations

IDRL 320           The Law of Work