AU has many approved UCAP courses specifically designed to meet the needs of staff serving abroad and wishing to study in English. These UCAP approved courses can be combined to complete the following AU Certificates.

Course Certificates


Advanced Accounting

Computers and Management Information Systems


Human Resources and Labour Relations

Management Applications

Management Foundations

l’Université TÉLUQ offre un vaste choix de cours universitaires à distance et en ligne en français. Courses count for credit toward a Canadian university credentials.

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The UCAP was created in response to requests from staff for more learning opportunities. AU courses may be integrated into employee learning plans.


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AU is the ideal way to pursue your post-secondary education while serving abroad. AU offers online classes so you are not required to be online at any specific time. You can take your course-work anywhere you happen to go and log in when it is convenient for you.


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AU undergraduate courses start on the first day of each month. This offers you the flexibility to schedule your studies around your schedule.


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